Regent Hypocrisy - Spotlight Michigan

It Was Easy to Talk About
When the Abuse Was Somewhere Else.

But Then It Was Here at

The University of Michigan.

Suddenly, Things Got Quiet.

Highlighting the Hypocrisy

of UM Regents

Jordan Acker, Michael Behm,
and Mark Bernstein

Jordan Acker

Empty Words

“Any person in power who knows of sexual abuse at a university and does nothing must be held to account, whether they are a member of Congress, the president of the university, or a coach.”1
– Jordan Acker, University of Michigan Board of Regents


What is Chairman Acker doing to help the 850 victims of Dr. Robert E. Anderson? Nothing.

Michael Behm

Empty Words

“You can’t ignore this problem. I think too many times, the survivors of the assault is made to feel ignored, made to feel that they should be quiet and not pursue this. The University, first and foremost, needs to put a plan together to protect the rights of the survivor of the assault, and the voice of that survivor needs to be heard.”2
– Michael Behm, University of Michigan Board of Regents


Today, Regent Michael Behm is quiet on the abuse that happened at his institution by Dr. Robert E. Anderson.

Mark Bernstein

Empty Words

“It’s in the long-term interest of the institution to address these issues in a way that’s focused on making things right for the victims, for people who are harmed by the institution, because then, you are preserving the integrity of the institution in the long run.”3
– Mark Bernstein, University of Michigan Board of Regents


When will Regent Bernstein make things right for the 850 victims of Dr. Robert E. Anderson?

“If the university’s board believes in its creed, it’s well past the time to do the right thing for all victims of a monster. Give us our humanity, our dignity back, and help us give back the shame to that man who deserves it.”4

– Survivor of Dr. Robert E. Anderson